KZPT Helmet






  • maximum protection of the user’s head
  • the helmet shell is made of Polyamide PA 6.6 reinforced with glass fibre
  • high comfort of wearing and using
  • stable seating of the helmet on the head thanks to new solutions in the regulation system
  • the possibility of replacing face protectors on your own, without disassembling the helmet
  • high durability and resistance of the shell against impact and pressure on both sides
  • high protective qualities in terms of shock-absorption
  • full protection in high and low temperatures
  • helmet weight without neck protector - 1570 grams
  • available in various colours



  • face protector – metalized visor which can be hidden inside
  • short face protector – goggles
  • interior made of natural leather
  • interior “comfort +” – set of cushions and Nomex padding
  • head circumference regulation system –with options 54-62 cm or 51-65 cm
  • regulation system of the height of wearing
  • neck protector- short made of flame resistant material type OS-1
  • communication system holder
  • multifunctional holder for fixing the helmet breathing mask and the torch



  • Evaluation Certificate EC type no. EC/S/2027/2013