Water Bowser

(Facilitated with high water pressure including Remote control monitors.)

AIFS Limited manufactures water bowser in following specification


 Chassis  Ashok Leyland‐Hippo Haulage, Taurus, Volvo, Tusker, Beaver/TATA‐1613, 2516 2518 MAN
 Pump  Single/Double Stage Multi‐pressure
 Capacity (LPM)  2200 to 6500
 Pressure(kg/cm2)  7 to 10.5 kg
 P.T.O.  Full torque drive line
 Water Tank  [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 5000 to 20000, 100000 (on Special request)
 Optional  High pressure water monitor, hydraulic pneumatic /manual control
 Lockers  Shutter / door Type (Indian & Imported)
 Specification  As per Customer Requirement




Water Tender

(Highly Manoeuvrable when fully loaded)

AIFS Limited manufactures water tender in following specification


 Chassis  TATA LPT – 1613, 2516/Ashok Leyland‐Comet, Cargo, Beaver, Hippo   Haulage MAN
 Pump  Single/Double Stage Multi‐pressure;
 Capacity (LPM)  1800‐2250, 3200, 3800, 4000, 6000 etc
 Pressure(kg/cm2)  7 to 8.5 & 300 LPM at 40 (kg/cm2)
 P.T.O.  Full torque drive line.
 Water Tank  [S.S. / M.S.] (L):4000 to 8000
 Optional  Hi‐Pressure Hose Reel,
  Optional  Remote control Monitor and Accessories
  Lockers  Shutter / door Type (Indian & Imported)
 Specification   IS 950 (Type B)/IS 6067 (Type‐X)/as per Customer Requirement


DCP Tender

Specially designed for firefighting in urban areas and villages

AIFS Limited manufactures DCP tender in following specification


 Chassis  TATA LPT – 1613, 2516/Ashok Leyland‐Comet, Beaver, Hippo Haulage, Taurus, Volvo & MAN
 DCP Vessel (kg)  2x1000kg, 2x2000kg. etc
 Expellant Gas (L)  6x22.5 kg, 8x22.5 kg, etc.
 Discharge Capacity  DCP monitor, capacity: 15 to 45 kg/s etc.
 Range  15 to 55m etc.
 Hose Reels  2x30m with trigger pistol etc
 Special system  Expansion shock device
 Optional  Accessories
 Lockers  Shutter / door Type (Indian & Imported)
 Specification  IS 10993 or as per Customer requirement



Foam Tender

Highly Manoeuvrable when fully loaded with foam


AIFS Limited manufactures foam tender in following specification


 Chassis  TATA 1613, 2516, 2518/Ashok Leyland‐Comet, Cargo, Beaver, Hippo Haulage, Taurus, MAN
 Pump  Single/Double Stage Multi‐pressure
 Capacity (LPM)  1800‐2250, 3200, 4000
 Pressure (kg/cm2)  7 to 8.5
 P.T.O  Full torque drive line
 Water Tank  [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 3000 to 5000
 Foam Tank  [S.S.] (L) : 550 to 3000
 Optional  Foam monitor, Foam system Automatic/manual
 Lockers  Shutter / door Type (Indian & Imported)
 Specification  IS 10460 or as per Customer requirement


Crash Fire tender

Mostly used for Civil Defense Authorities having very High speed and operations at same time

AIFS Limited manufactures crash fire tender in following specification


 Chassis  Ashok Leyland, Volvo, MAN 4x4, 6x6, chassis
 Pump  Single/Double/Multi‐pressure; Capacity (LPM) – 4000 to 6500
 Pressure (kg/cm2)  8.5 to 10.5
 P.T.O  Engine dependent
 Water Tank  [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 4500 to 7000
 Foam Tank  [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 550 to 800
 Foam System  Automatic (A‐T‐P)
 Foam Monitor  Cabin Operated / Remote Controlled
 Controls  Pneumatically operated push button type / manual, Supplementary extinguishers DCP,  CO2
 Lockers  Shutter / door Type (Indian & Imported)
 Acceleration  0 to 100 kmph in 40 seconds
 Specification  IS  951, ICAO, Defense, NFPA or DGCA or as per customer requirement




Accelerated Foam Tender

Aluminium profile vehicle

AIFS Limited Manufactures Accelerated Foam tender in following specification


 Chassis  Volvo FM – 78x4 chassis. MAN
 Pump  Imported Godiva / Waterous make 8000 LPM at 10 kg/cm2
 P.T.O.  Full torque drive line
 Water Tank  [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 5000 Above
 Foam Tank  [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 2000‐5000 Above
 Foam Pump  Imported
 Foam System  Automatic (A‐T‐P)/Balanced Pressure
 Foam Monitor  Manual Operated / Remote Controlled
 Lockers  Shutter / door Type (Indian & Imported)
 Controls  Pneumatically operated push button type/manual
 Supplementary  Extinguisher  DCP, CO2 etc
 Specification   as per Customers requirement




Hydraulic Platform

Featuring both rescue & Medical Capabilities

AIFS Limited Manufactures Hydraulic Platform in following specification


 Working  Height (m)  22, 25, 32, 37
 Chassis  Ashok Leyland / Volvo /MAN
 Hydraulic  Boom  Imported and Indian
 Pump  Capacity (lpm) – 2200 to 4500
 Pressure  (kg/cm2)  8.5
 Monitor  Capacity (lpm)  1800 to 4000
 Foam Tank :  [S.S.] (L)  2000 to 2500
 Feature  Narrow jacking, automatic leveling, 360 deg, 400 kg max. cage load max working outreach of  13 to 50m
 Specification  As per Customers requirement


Combi Tender

Carrying High Volume of water & Foam in addition to heavy duty rescue tool


AIFS Limited manufactures combi tender in following specification


  Chassis   Ashok Leyland – Hippo, Taurus, Volvo MAN
  Pump   Capacity (lpm) – 4500 Pressure (kg/cm2) – 8.5
  Monitor   Capacity (lpm) 1200 / 8000 LPM
  Foam Tank   [S.S.] (L) : 2000
  Water Tank   [S.S.] / [M.S] (L) : 4000
  DCP Tank   2000 kg / 1000 kg
  Foam Proportioner   Automatic / Balance Pressure
  Feature   Constant flow of Foam and DCP at Same time
  Specification   As per Customers requirement


Emergency Rescue Tender

Multi Utility vehicle for Rescue and fire fighting


AIFS Limited manufactures Emergency Rescue tender in following specification


  Chassis   TATA – LPT 709, 1613, 2516 / Ashok Leyland Comet and Cargo MAN
  Generator  (KVA)   12 or 15, or P.T.O. operated
  Light Mast   6m hydraulically operated telescopic with 1000 Wx4 halogen floodlight (rotating and tilting  type)
  Cable wrench   5 ton pulling capacity with 60m rope
  Accessories   Optional such as rescue tools, lifting bags. Jumping cushion and other safety and rescue  items.
  Lockers   Tray type with aluminum Shutter / Door
  Specification   IS 949 / As per Customers requirement


Water Mist Tender

Light weight vehicle and small in size


AIFS Limited manufactures Water Mist tender in following specification


  Chassis   TATA – ACE 209,407, 709/Ashok Leyland, Cargo/Eicher , swaraj Mazda
  Pump   3 plunger
  Lpm   20‐25
  Pressure   250 Bar
  P.T.O.   Additional Engine
  Water Tank   [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 500 to 3000
  Foam Tank   [S.S.] (L) : 250 to 500
  Lockers   Shutter Type
  Specification   As per Customers requirement


Foam Bowser

Facilitated with single monitor

AIFS Limited manufactures Foam Bowser in following specification


  Chassis   TATA ‐ 709/Ashok Leyland, Cargo/Eicher
  Pump   Single Stage; Capacity (lpm) – 1200 to 1800
  Pressure   7kg/cm2
  P.T.O.   Full torque drive line
  FOAM Tank   [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 5000 to 20000
  Foam Proportional   Automatic / Around the pump
  Mounted Equipment   Foam cum water monitor
  Optional   Accessories
  Lockers   Shutter / door type
  Specification   As per Customers requirement


Water Canon

Riot Control Vehicle


AIFS Limited manufactures Water Canon in following specification

  Chassis   Ashok Leyland, Tourus 2516/TATA‐1613, 2516
  Pump   Single/double Stage
  Capacity (lpm)   400 to 3200 at pressure (kg/cm2) – 10 to 8
  P.T.O   Full torque drive line
  Water Tank   [S.S./M.S.] (L) : 5000 to 14000
  Mounted Equipment   High Pressure water Canon hydraulic/pneumatic Control with pulsating jet
  Optional   Accessories, Video Camera etc
  Specification   As per fence Specs. / as per customer requirement