Foreign Partners

TECDRON is a French company that designs and manufactures ground and sea robots. TECDRON is

a leading UGV Manufacturer for defense, civil security, industry and academia sectors, for

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Product : Fire fighting Robots

First manufacturer of firefighting equipment in France, POK has shown a remarkable development. Created in 1976 by

Bruno Grandpierre, its current CEO, POK has currently an anual turnover of  15M including 50% of it from export in

more than 90 countries. POK is a family business where the motivations are passion and conquest of new markets. The

CEO bequeaths to his children a strong company recognized throughout the world, in an industry constantly evolving.

Fire trucks in France, international navies, airports and oil tankers are equipped with POK products, and they protect

themselves with nozzles and remote control monitors. The company’s engineering department designs two new

products each week while integrating new technologies to satisfy all customers. With its spectacular CNC machines

and its 7000m² assembly plants, POK can make on site every device it designs.


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Product : - Fire fighting Nozzles, Monitors etc


All XVR products are developed by XVR Simulation BV. XVR is virtual reality training software

for education, training and assessment of incident response safety professionals, such as police,

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Product : Simulation software for firefighting training


For more than 60 years von Oertzen GmbH of Ammersbek, Germany, has been specializing on water jetting systems for industry and commerce. 20 years ago OERTZEN FIRE-TEC began to build high pressure fire extinguishers - being the first company worldwide, for more info visit

Product : Water Mist System

Safety, quality, innovation and reliability are the basic aims of Kaliskie Zakłady Przemysłu Terenowego w Kaliszu Sp. z o.o. The Company has existed since 1951 and has been processing plastics and producing protective helmets for special purposes. For more info visit

Product : Helmet for Fire Fighter

During the 70s, Mr GALLEGO Joseph invented the first hydraulic extrication tools: hydraulic cutters, freeing equipment, pedal spreader. As he had no means of production he entrusted the manufacturing to the Celette company, which is a renowned manufacturer of car control frames. For more info visit

Product : Rescue tools, Mini Hydraulic cutter spreader, cutters, rams etc


Fire fighting training institute of Germany for more info visit

Product : Fire fighting training


Since 1981 CTE has been creating solutions to make your working at height easier and safer. This is our promise.

A company with an Italian heart and history behind it along with an international vocation, which continues to put its

customers at the centre of its projects and services.

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"To save as many lives as possible"—this has been a goal continuously inherited to the present within the Morita Group since its establishment in 1907. Always reflecting the latest technologies, we develop and produce products that help make a safe and secure society for all, ranging from fire trucks for use at various types of disaster sites and disaster-related products including fire extinguishers which are indispensable for suppressing fire, to recycle facility equipment and plants and vehicles designed for environmental protection such as waste collection trucks which support environmental health. Our products support and protect many aspects of people’s lives. For more info  visit

Product - Fire Truck, Fire extinguisher & Equipment etc.